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Adult Speech Therapy Session with professional speech pathologist
Speech Therapist Providing Adult Speech Therapy Session

Adult Speech Therapy Services: Empowering Communication Skills For Adults

Adult programs are offered in the areas of speech articulation, voice. Gender-affirming voice, fluency, and language as well as overall communicative effectiveness. Our specialists have designed programs for foreign-born speakers, as well as business managers and executives, to improve their communication style in the workplace.

Understanding Adult Speech Therapy

Adult speech therapy is a specialized service aimed at helping adults overcome communication challenges and improve their overall communication skills. Through targeted techniques and personalized interventions, speech therapists work with adults to address speech and language disorders that may affect their ability to communicate effectively.
Special services have also been designed for adults with specialized voice needs, fluency problems, attention deficit disorder. We offer support in adult day facilities for individuals who have experienced stake or brain injury. We closely work with care providers and patients to achieve the best quality of life by working on functional strategies for feeding and communication. Peninsula Associates clinicians are happy to provide on-site services at local senior community day centers, adult living complexes, and retirement communities.

Speech Clarity/Articulation

We design programs to correct specific sounds as well as to improve overall speech intelligibility. Individualized articulation programs are developed to help with:
Persistent speech errors (e.g., lisp, /r/ /s/ /l/ errors)

  • Phonological disorders (sound simplification patterns)
  • Apraxia/Dyspraxia
  • Oral motor skills
  • Dysarthria
  • Tongue thrust

Dysphagia (Swallowing)

Peninsula Associates’ staff demonstrate swallowing therapy exercises and techniques to clients, family members, and carregivers. Our clinicians also provide consultation on modified consistency meals and meeting a client’s nutritional needs. Therapy may be provided at a residential facility or in our offices.


We provide language therapy to clients of all ages. Our goal is to increase an individual’s understanding and use of language. Individual and group programs are available to work on:

  • Listening/following directions
  • Vocabulary/concept development
  • Cognitive skills (memory, sequencing)
  • Communication for daily living
  • Asking/answering questions
  • Understanding stories/conversation
  • Grammar/sentence structure
  • Relating experiences/everyday conversations

Hearing Impairment

Peninsula Associates provides communication services for individuals with hearing impairment and deafness. Many of our clinicians have experience with:

  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Speech reading
  • Speech/voice training
  • Sign language
  • Total communication
  • Deaf culture

Communicative Effectiveness

We offer communicative effectiveness programs for the working professional. Our training programs focus on communicating with colleagues and managers in the work environment as well as understanding language styles and cultural differences. Programs are also available to boost self-confidence and improve organization for business presentations. Our trainers focus on preparation, content organization, body language, and speaking styles. These programs may be implemented in the client’s work setting or at our offices.

Speech Fluency

We utilize a variety of approaches in treating children and adults who stutter to manage forward-moving speech and improve communicative confidence. Peninsula Associates offers support and practice groups that provide a comfortable environment to practice techniques during role-playing, script reading, or sharing everyday experiences. Participation in local stuttering support organizations is also vital to progress and self-awareness.


Various blogs also offer meaningful support


We provide therapy activities to establish and maintain good vocal hygiene for:

  • Vocal nodules and other vocal lesions
  • Inappropriate loudness/rhythm/rate/pitch
  • Harsh/weak/breathy/nasal vocal quality

Examination by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist may be required before voice therapy can proceed.

Gender Affirming Communication Services

Peninsula Associates is committed to working in a caring, thoughtful, and allied partnership with adult and adolescent speakers in transitioning to speech, voice, and communication styles that match their gender identity and individuality.
Clients are usually seen for an initial 3-hour session that includes assessment, consultation, and diagnostic therapy. Follow-up individual therapy services are also available. Group therapy may also be available by special arrangement. Clients typically practice:

  • Vocal pitch ranges
  • Vocal resonance and pitch placement
  • Inflection/melody patterns
  • Other communication factors such as voice quality, language styles, and nonverbal skills

Examination by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist may be required before voice therapy can proceed.

Accent Modification

Peninsula Associates’ clinicians are trained and certified in specialized accent modification programs. These programs focus on optimizing the communication skills of foreign-born speakers, understanding cultural differences, and improving both personal and public speaking skills. Individual and group sessions are available. Most programs are accompanied by written and audio-taped home activities. Services may be provided at our offices or on-site.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Speech Therapy

Can speech therapy help with accent modification?

Yes, speech therapy can help individuals modify their accents or improve their pronunciation of specific sounds in a language. Speech therapists use techniques and exercises tailored to address accent-related challenges.

Is speech therapy effective for individuals with Parkinson's disease?

Yes, speech therapy can be highly beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. It can address speech and language difficulties associated with the condition, such as reduced volume, slurred speech, and impaired articulation.

What resources are available for adults seeking speech therapy services?

There are various resources available for adults seeking speech therapy services. Speech therapy clinics, online therapy platforms, and local healthcare providers can provide information and connect individuals with qualified speech therapists specializing in adult communication disorders.

By seeking adult speech therapy services, individuals can overcome communication challenges, improve their overall quality of life, and confidently engage in personal and professional interactions. With personalized interventions and expert guidance from speech therapists, adults can develop and enhance their communication skills, unlocking new opportunities for success.