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Peninsula Associates' clinicians are speech-language pathologists with graduate degrees and clinical expertise in communication and learning. Our services include consultation, evaluation, individual and group therapy, parent training, on-site services and in-home programs.

Services for Children

Peninsula Associates evaluates and treats children of all ages with a wide range of speech, communication and learning needs. Parental involvement is key for any child's program to be successful. Our clinicians communicate regularly with parents to ensure that their child is doing well in therapy and at home. Our goal is to help children become happier, more successful and more interactive at home, at school and with friends. Learn More...

Services for Adults

Adult programs are offered in the areas of articulation, voice, fluency and language as well as overall communicative effectiveness. Special programs to address the communication needs of foreign-born speakers, women managers and business executives have been designed by our staff who are multilingual trainers as well as speech-language pathologists. Learn More...

Contract Services

Consultations - PA clinicians have areas of special interest and expertise and consult on-site regarding special needs children and adults.
In-Services - Our staff has many years of relevant clinical experience to share with teachers, aides, other SLPs and allied health professionals.
Workshops - PA is a SLPAHAD CEU provider, We design and present workshops to meet the specific needs of educators and therapists. Learn More...

Clinicians work with people of all ages: infants and toddlers, children and adolescents, adults and seniors. Our clients may require assessment and treatment due to speech, language or learning differences (e.g., speech delay, stuttering, voice problems, language delay) or specific conditions (e.g., neurological impairments, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss). Clinicians also work with individuals whose speech and language are within normal limits, but who wish to improve or enhance their skill level (e.g., study skills, accent modification, communicative effectiveness, social language skills).

Peninsula Associates offers contracted speech and language services at local community agencies, private schools and healthcare settings. Contracted resource language specialist services (RLS) for public schools are available. Some clinicians also offer informational workshops for parent, teacher or senior groups.

Serving the Peninsula Community Since 1978